About Us

SEZONA club-restaurant

With an emphasis on excellent service, a friendly approach, and sparkling energy levels, the team at SEZONA proves that even in the very middle of the city they can make you feel as if you were in one of the world’s best resort beach restaurants!

Great Things


Club restaurant SEZONA promises its guests an amazing adventure this summer and invites them to plunge into the world of pop art. Irony and admiration – that is the new concept of SEZONA, which you will fully experience while sitting on the summer terrace of the restaurant in Old Riga

Your Eyes

The best music

No holiday or weekend can go without good music and dancing. This is why DJs, bands, and performances by artists and dancers will be a daily part of the schedule at SEZONA, and will provide you with the perfect party.


Quality, a friendly approach, and adventure are the words that best describe a visit to this new restaurant.